ZOI Botanica Wedding Destination

ZOI MIAMI at beautiful design district is offering wedding destinations packages at our Botanical Restaurant , with a unique and appealing option for couples looking for a beautiful and natural setting for their special day.

  1. GARDEN CEREMONY PACKAGES – Offer all -inclusive ceremony packages that include the rental of a picturesque garden space for the ceremony, seating for guest, and any necessary décor such as arches, floral arrangements, and aisle runners.

  2. Provide options for personized touches, such as live music, customized signage, and floral accents that complement the natural beauty of the garden.

  3. RECEPTION PACKAGES – Create reception packages that includes, access to designated area within the Botanical Garden, the Coral room, the Mezzanine for the celebration, along with the catering services, and customizable Food & Beverage Menus packages options.

  4. Offering a range of options for the reception set up, including indoor and outdoor dining areas, tented spaces, and elegant garden-themed décor.

  5. Photography Opportunities: Highlight the scenic beauty of the botanical garden as a backdrop for the wedding pathography Offering Photography packages that includes exclusive accesses to the most photogenic areas of the garden for the wedding party and professional photographer.

  6. CUSTOMIZABLE THEMES: Assisting the couple to create customized wedding themes, that incorporate the natural elements of the botanical garden. this could include floral themes, natural color palettes, and eco -friendly décor options.

  7. SEASONAL PACKAGES: Develop seasonal wedding packages that take advantage of the unique beauty of the garden throughout the year. Highlight the blooming flowers, in spring, lush greenery in summer, vibrant foliage.

  8. ECO FIRENDLY OPTIONS: Emphasize the Eco-friendly aspect of hosting a wedding at a botanical garden, such as sustainable catering food and bar option. And the use of local seasonal flowers for décor.

  9. Wedding Planning Services: Provide couples with the access to experienced wedding planners who can assist all the aspects of their special day, from vendor selection day to day – of coordination.

  10. By offering these comprehensive wedding destinations packages we can position our botanical garden- restaurant as a sough-after venues for seeking a natural, elegant and memorable setting for their wedding.